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Jason Schuyler

Pomme de sang forever...?

13 June 1985
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Jason is a werewolf and a member of the Thronos Rokke clan, as well as Jean-Claude's pomme de sang. He is about 5'3" with blond hair that he has recently cut to look more "professional", and sky blue eyes. His best friend in St. Louis is Nathaniel, but in the past he was fairly close to Richard.

When in wolf form, Jason is an unnaturally large grey wolf with bright green eyes. He has fairly good control, but if there is fresh blood or someone running from him in fear after he shifts, the chances of him losing control and attacking become greater. Please ping the mun if your pup is approaching him during a full moon or the days just before it.
When in wolf form, he can understand what people are saying, and those who are lycanthropes, shapeshifters, enchanted animals, or certain powerful beings will be able to hear and communicate with him. His speech in wolf form is usually dictated with double quotation marks.

Jason has had several vampires rot on him, which has become a phobia for him. Zombies and rotting creatures will freak him out, regardless of how friendly.

Milli-canon: Jason has had several relationships in Milliways, and none of them have ever truly panned out. He's gone AU from the series using a back story that was created by this mun for RP purposes.
In May-June of 2009, Jason relapsed into a cocaine addiction that ended in over-dose. If your pup offers drugs or does them in front of him, he'll very likely bolt as he doesn't trust himself around it.

This is an RPG journal for Jason Schuyler from Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels. Jason is being borrowed from Laurell K Hamilton for RP purposes in milliways_bar and is not being used for profit in any way. He is played by i_open_doors
bacon, books (don't tell), demon bunnies, flirting, forests, hunting, leather, pissing people off, stripping, vampires, wolves, women