Jason (loyaltyinmotion) wrote,

Room 108 is not in Latin America, but...

He waited until Nat had been asleep for awhile. He might have even fallen asleep at one point, but sleep is the last thing on his mind at the moment. He'd been good for most of the week, but with the nightmares and...everything...he really wanted to feel good for a change.

He slipped quietly into the closet and pulled out his camera case. He and Em hadn't gone through much, so he still had about a gram and a half. It would do. He moved to the small coffee table, setting everything up. He was glad he'd found a flat mirror: the table was smooth, but he didn't want any coke lost in the grain.

Two fat lines later and he was feeling a little better. He wouldn't go back to sleep, but that was fine with him. Maybe he'd go for a run, or maybe see if Em or Scarlet were around. He drops some more powder on the mirror. He needed more: maybe Ramon fucked with him about the purity. This wasn't kicking in as much.

Fuck it. He poured a full gram out and looked down at it. He gave a small giggle.

That's a cool pattern. It almost looks like...

He pulled his lower lip in, concentrating as he leaned over the glass and started carefully carving into the cocaine. A slow smile curled over his lips in amusement as the pattern began to take a clearer shape.
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