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Jason Schuyler

Pomme de sang forever...?

7/16/10 07:36 am - Placeholder

Just in case inactivity causes the account to be deleted, because I surely don't want to lose everything here. And hopefully someday I'll have the brain space to write again...

11/10/09 03:04 pm - Recipe

Gram's Coffee Bread -- 350° F

3 pkg. quick rise yeast
3 eggs
1/2 C. butter
2 C. scalded milk
3/4 C. sugar
1 tsp. salt
3 tsp. ground cardamom (2 if freshly ground)
8 C. flour

Melt butter in scalded milk and let cool. Crush about 15 cardamom seeds if using fresh and put in a large mixing bowl with the sugar. Beat 3 eggs and add to sugar mixture. Stir in the milk/butter mixture and salt.
Put yeast into 1/2 C. warm water and sprinkle with sugar. When the yeast has bloomed, add to the bowl. Add flour 1 C. at a time until all flour is incorporated. Cover bowl and leave in warm place to rise.

When dough has doubled in size, turn out onto floured surface and knead until elastic. Divide dough into four pieces, and each of those pieces into three. Roll these three pieces into long ropes and braid. Tuck the sides under in a greased 9x13 in. pan, setting the braids side by side. Cover and let rise again.

Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle liberally with sugar. Bake 35 minutes at 350° F.

11/9/09 04:37 pm - The proof of the pudding is in the eating...

Jason stares at the phone sitting on the seat beside him. He was done with training, which was the whole reason for coming home, but he still has one thing he wants to do before going back to Milliways. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his grandmother's recipe. He's gotten enough proof from everyone there to know that it probably wasn't a dream, but he still feels the need to check.

Normally he'd ask Nathaniel for help with something like this, but the poor leopard was running himself ragged between Asher, Anita, and work. And he really doesn't want to have to enter negotiations for Nathaniel's company, especially if he needs a drinking buddy when this is over with. So he's decided on the next best thing: the only person he knows that can outwoman Nathaniel in a kitchen.

He sighs and picks up the phone, searching the number out in his contact list. He clears his throat as it rings and a warm voice answers. He flashes a smile at no one but the voice. "Hey Mrs. Z, it's Jason. I was wondering if you could do me a favor."

10/30/09 01:44 pm - Grammies were twenty once, too

The smell of fresh coffee bread crept into his nose, pulling him into consciousness. He slowly blinked his eyes open and peered around in a sleepy confusion. A light was on in the bathroom and he could smell the warm scent of baked goods coming from under the door.

He frowned and pulled on a pair of flannel pants and stumbled to the bathroom, pushing the door open and blinking at the harsh light.

"You used to wake up a lot faster when you smelled me baking."

Jason peered in confusion as he found himself standing in a cozy little kitchen, a beautiful young woman standing in front of him in a 1940's style dress and apron, her blonde hair twisted and pinned back attractively. He rubbed a hand over his face, glancing around the room with a slight frown when he realised where he was. "...wait, this is Gram's house."

The woman gave him a mildly chastising look. "You used to be a lot more intelligent in the mornings, too."

Jason frowned deeper. "Gram?"

She smiled. "Sure as hell am. Cards are on the table: give 'em a good shuffle while I get us some bread and cocoa."

Jason of course did as he was told, but he watched her suspiciously the whole while, fully aware of his current state of undress and her current state of...

Well, that was just wrong.

He cleared his throat as he picked up the deck and cut it. "Uh...Gram? I'm gonna assume this is a dream because...well, because you died a long time ago. So, since it's a dream: you think you could look a little more...Gram-like?"

She cocked an eyebrow at him from over her shoulder. "You think you're the only one in the family that likes to turn heads? You know I was quite the looker in my day."

He nodded to himself, looking slightly uncomfortable. "Yeah, I've noticed."

She laughed lightly and turned, balancing two plates of coffee bread and two mugs of cocoa in her arms and suddenly looking very much like the grandmother he always knew. "Better? You know, I still keep tabs on you, Jason; it didn't bother you that much when that goddess was decades younger-looking over the summer, so why should it bother you if I choose to look my best?" She wore a teasing smirk that clearly ran in the family.

"Yeah," he pointed out, "but I'll do things with her that would be just wrong to even think of with my Gram, dream or no."

She laughed and set down their dessert with the practiced ease of a waitress. "Hey, where're my cards? Get to dealing, squirt."

He paused for a quick bite of coffee bread, moaning slightly as he chewed and dealt out the cards. "Jesus, Gram; I haven't had your coffee bread in so long...Mom tried making it for Dad after you died, but she never got it quite the same."

His grandmother leaned closer, clutching her mug of cocoa and whispering over it. "That's because I left out some of the ingredients when I gave her the recipe."

Jason snorted. "What a bitch."

She gave a mock gasp and whapped at his hand. "Watch your mouth, brat. You're not too old for me to wash that mouth out with soap."

He laughed in response and picked up a card from the pile before tossing it back down. "So is Papa coming, too, or is it just us?"

She smiled sadly, moving her cards around in her hand. "No, he's off to talk to your father. Jimmy needs him right now. I'll probably head over myself after I've kicked your butt in this card game."

The mention of his father sparked his curiosity, but he tried to squelch it. "You cheat, that's why you always won. But I'm older now, so you'll have a harder time cheating."

She picked up the card he set down and studied him coolly from behind her cards. "He misses you, you know. You're both just too stubborn to take that first step."

Jason picked up a new card, huffing slightly. "He knows where to find me."

"You know where to find him, too."

He tossed a card onto the pile and looked up at her, looking very much like the petulant child he'd once been. "I'm well aware that I screwed up a lot, Gram, but I've tried calling. I try once every year, but they won't answer and they won't call back. I can't make them accept that their son is a werewolf."

She sighed and reached out, covering his hand with hers. "You call your mother every year. I can't speak for her, but I know your father is working on it, Jason. There's a lot between the two of you that needs to be straightened out, and that doesn't happen overnight. And it's not one-sided, either."

He picked at his bread with the other hand. "Doesn't seem to bother you."

She chuckled softly and squeezed his hand. "I'm dead: what you gonna do to me?"

He had to give her a mild laugh at that. "Yeah, well...I don't really want to call the apartment."

She withdrew her hand and picked up his discarded card. "They have caller ID, Jason: she's not going to pick up if you call. I'm sure Jimmy would..." She rolled her eyes and corrected herself. "He'd pick up at least the second or third try. I'd suggest laying siege to his phone line until he picked up."

He set his cards down and looked at her in amazement. "You're really ok with all that, Gram? He's cheating on Mom."

She set down her own cards and picked up her mug, sipping slowly. "Let me tell you a little story, Jason. Your Papa asked me to marry him when I was seventeen. He'd just enlisted, so we were married for about a week before he left for Europe. I worked and waited, writing to him every week and just waiting for his letters. I was the picture of the faithful wife waiting back home. I don't know if he did the same over there and I never asked; every day could've been his last day, so if he felt he needed company on what he thought could be his last night on this earth...well, I sure as hell wasn't there, was I?"

She took a long sip and continued. "We were ecstatic when he came back. I'd spent four years as a single married woman, dreaming of the day he'd come back in his uniform and sweep me off my feet. But I guess you know that life isn't like dreams, is it? We were living the dream for about two months before things started to go south. He was still suffering from the things he'd seen over there, and of course he couldn't talk to me about it. He started spending more and more time out with his friends, and I spent more and more time home alone. When Dean was born I thought things would get better, but it just put more strain on us. I wanted that idyllic life I'd dreamed of all those years he was gone, and I was so disappointed with what I had instead. I tried spending more time with the women in my neighborhood, but nothing filled that empty feeling that Bruce left in me."

"One day at the park with Dean, I left my handbag on a bench when I had to chase after him. I didn't even remember until we were halfway home, and of course by then it was gone. I went home and put Dean down for a nap and just started crying and crying. Everything was wrong with my life and I just was at my wit's end. Then there was a knock at the door: it was a handsome young man with my handbag. I must have looked a fright with my red puffy eyes, but he was so kind when I thanked him and I invited him in for some coffee and pie. We became fast friends. No, it wasn't very proper, and no, I never had Charlie over when Bruce was home. But neither of us ever meant for anything more than friendship. But one day when Dean was at my mother's for the day..."

She sipped her cocoa again and shrugged. "It was exciting and forbidden and for the first time in years I felt something. It didn't last long: we both knew what we were doing was wrong. Thank God nothing came of it. He said he loved me and I know I loved him too, but I still loved your Papa. Even with all our problems, it made me realise that I did love him so very much. After I said my goodbyes to Charlie, I told your Papa everything. It was the scariest moment of my life, but it was a wake-up call for both of us. We started working on us, and slowly things got better. A little over a year later we were blessed with Jimmy. I saw Charlie in passing maybe once or twice after that before he moved and we lost touch. There's part of me that still loves Charlie, but he made me realise what I was missing in my marriage and I'll always be grateful to him for that. And to your Papa for being understanding and willing to work with me after he knew."

Jason listened silently, staring at her in amazement. It was shocking to realise that his grandparents really had been young once, with problems and desires just like anyone else, even if that was common sense.

"So...you're ok with Dad cheating on Mom because cheating on Papa actually helped your relationship?"

She rolled her eyes and picked her cards back up. "No, I'm saying everyone has their own reasons for the choices they make in life. Jimmy and your mother have made their own arrangements just like Bruce and I did and just like you and Moon are doing. You make the life that works for you and everyone else can go suck an egg. What's important is making sure there is always love there, Jason."

Jason nodded softly, playing with the edges of his cards. "I really miss you, Gram. Things would be so much easier if you were still around."

She smiled at him. "Not really: being dead makes it so much easier to spy on everyone so I know all the good gossip. Makes it a lot easier to dole out advice this way." She tossed a card onto the pile and spread her hand out in front of him. "Gin!"

"Damn it!" Jason tossed his cards down and started picking through his points. "Makes it easier for you to cheat, too, huh?"

She just smiled at him, munching on a piece of coffee bread. "You couldn't ever beat me, Jason, cheating or not." She reached out and ruffled his hair, pausing to smooth it back again after. "You're doing really well for yourself, squirt. Turning into quite a young man, even if none of us really expected the direction you took."

He leaned into her hand with a soft, sad smile. "I'm glad you think so."

She stood up and took his face in her hands, pressing her lips to his forehead. "Call your dad, Jason: he really needs you right now. Be there for him and the rest will just fall into place."

He rested his head against her chest and hugged her. "I'll see what I can do. No promises, though, ok?"

She kissed him again. "Ok. Now go wake up and have a good day today. I'm going to go visit with your father."

"Thanks Gram. I love you."

"Love you too, squirt." She winked at him and his eyes shot open as he started awake. He blinked around his room before sinking back against the pillow. The dreams he had in this place, honestly...

He turned his head to look at the clock and saw a pad of paper on the nightstand. He picked it up, recognising the recipe in his own handwriting immediately. Written a little sloppily across the top of the page were the words, "Gram's Coffee Bread" and directly underneath, all in capital letters were the words, "DON'T SHOW MOM".

9/28/09 12:09 am - Room 108

Jason worked out, had a shower and a massage from Liz, and even caught a good nap. Now he's in his room, music blaring from the sound system. He's pushed the furniture to the side so he's got room to move. After running through some of the trickier pieces of his normal choreography, he starts in on some easy acrobatics.

"What's going on on the floor?
I love this record, baby, but I can't see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, a-alright

Just dance, gonna be ok, da da doo doo mmmmm..."

Ever see a werewolf doing handstand push-ups and singing along with Lady Gaga? You do now.

9/26/09 09:23 am - Room 108

Jason wakes slowly, snuggling closer to the warm body beside him. He drapes an arm over her, turning his head into her hair and breathing deeply.

This is the way to wake up.

He smiles sleepily and holds Moon tighter, a happy moan sneaking out of his throat.

9/24/09 12:36 am - Room 108

Jason is...exhausted. He's been feeding Anita's ardeur every morning and feeding Jean Claude every other night. That he made it to his bed tonight is a shock to him, but they needed him. He could do this. At least he's not stripping, because then he'd probably end up like Nathaniel when Anita was trying to feed too much on him.

At least it all feels good while they're draining him.

He can smell the food and drink Ivanhoe brought up to him, but really? He doesn't want to move. The food can wait.

9/11/09 10:05 am - Room 108

Jason is alone up in his room, curled on his side with a book. He'll being going to sleep soon enough, but he just wants to finish one more chapter before he does. A quiet end to a quiet day.

8/25/09 01:19 am - Date Night in St. Louis

The door leads out into the parking lot of the Circus of the Damned. It's winter in St. Louis, and he's glad he remembered some warm clothes for himself and Moon. He ushers her through the slushy parking lot to his Mustang and starts the car, letting it heat up while he scrapes the windshield.

By the time he's back in the car, it's nice and toasty inside.

8/4/09 05:46 pm - Cerulean Sins - Chapters 14-21

It wasn't hard to hear Anita's screams from outside the room: Jason had been on his way to see if Jean Claude had any other orders for the evening before retiring for the day.

He burst into the room to see the two master vampires -already dead for the day- collapsed on top of Anita. "Oh well done, guys: this is exactly the way to convince her to play nice with everyone."

And the look he sees on Anita's face just clinches that thought.
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